“Hey, did you guys see Toy Story 3?” — Exploring pop culture as a catalyst for 21st century interpersonal relationships in NBC’s Community

Note: This is the “final draft” of an essay for my Television Comedy class at Bowling Green State University. It’s posted here for the purposes of a makeshift, internet-powered peer review. I’ll field any comments or emailed questions as they come in. If you read the whole thing, I really appreciate it. I intend to … Continue reading

25,000 people are good enough: The hegemonic impacts of the nielsen television ratings system


The [Nielsen] overnight numbers widely reported by the media—and Hollywood’s general barometer of a show’s health—can account for as little as 25 percent of the eventual audience for, say, an FX comedy. – Josef Adalian, New York Magazine[1] Imagine you watch every new episode of your favorite television series (for this example, NBC’s comedy Community) … Continue reading

The new “cult”: Evaluating changes in cult television through Supernatural


Ed Note: I’m simply trying to post various academic pieces I’ve written over the past few years in case anyone wants to check them out. The following was completed in the spring of 2009, so certain portions might be out of date a little. I’m in the process of updating it. Television programs with “cult … Continue reading