Human Target, “Kill Bob”

Poor Human Target. Not only has it been constantly shuffled around on the schedule because FOX really has no confidence in it (and for good reason), but it has been heavily criticized by its small band of S1 fans. Those circumstances make last night’s special viewing of “Kill Bob” sort of interesting — or disappointing, depending […]

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Human Target, “Dead Head”

From everything I can gauge, it looks like Matt Miller is trying to make sure every case in Human Target season two is somehow connected to one of the five main cast members. This is opposed to last year’s method that saw Chance and company help random hotties all around the world each week. And […]

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Human Target, “Taking Ames”

Apologies for my lack of review for last week’s Human Target, but I didn’t find much to discuss and it was right before Thanksgiving. I took some time off. It happens. Tonight’s episode, “Taking Ames” is probably on the same level of “meh,” particularly because of its focus on one of the team’s new members […]

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