TV Surveillance Podcast Episode 6 — Lincoln Lee’s Glasses are Ridiculous


In the sixth episode of the TV Surveillance Podcast, Tim Bavlnka joins host Cory Barker for a discussion of the very young seasons of Supernatural and Fringe. The two talk about why season seven of Supernatural is on the path to success and why season four of Fringe feels a lot like the exact opposite of that. Also: You can now subscribe to the … Continue reading

Season Premiere review — Fringe, “Neither Here Nor There”


I’m short on time this weekend, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the season four premiere of Fringe. This post will be brief. Fringe is in a weird position. Or at least it seems that way to me. Season three discarded all pretensions and presumptions of general popularity and dove quickly and … Continue reading

Season Finale — Fringe, “The Day We Died”


Hey folks, I had a busy weekend full of personal business, so I’ll be posting some reviews of Friday television today. They’re late and probably a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully they’re still worth reading. I said in my review of Fringe‘s penultimate episode that this season was one of my favorite of recent … Continue reading

Fringe, “6B”


I haven’t been able to write about the last few week’s of Fringe due to some traveling and odd scheduling matters and I’m actually glad about that since the season seems to be transitioning into a place that I’m not fully ready to embrace yet. I have no problem admitting that I really want Peter … Continue reading