Barker Chappell Daglas Mad Men Roundtable: “The Other Woman”


Howdy, folks. Welcome back to our Mad Men roundtable. This entry comes a bit late thanks to the agency taking an extra classy four-day weekend. That is just how we do. Nevertheless, we had a lot to discuss with “The Other Woman,” one of Mad Men’s most powerful episodes ever. Cory: Gentlemen, I am full … Continue reading

Barker Chappell Daglas Mad Men Roundtable: “Lady Lazarus”


It’s that time again, folks. This is the Barker Chappell Daglas Reviewing Agency. It’s time to reconsider our life insurance policies and sleep with our favorite WB starlets, as Les, Andy and I take on this week’s great episode of Mad Men, “Lady Lazarus.” Cory: Welcome back, gents. I’m sorry. I said I was out … Continue reading

Barker Chappell Daglas Mad Men Roundtable: “Signal 30″


Hey all, it’s that time again. This Sunday’s Mad Men was one of the strongest the series has ever done, and the Barker Chappell Daglas Reviewing Firm is here to break it all down for you. Enjoy this, or Les will challenge you to a round of gentleman’s fisticuffs. Cory: Les, Andy: Welcome back to … Continue reading

Barker Chappell Daglas Mad Men Roundtable: “A Little Kiss”


The world doesn’t really need three more 4,000 word opuses on Mad Men each week, so Andy Daglas, Les Chappell and I decide to combine our powers for the sake of good (and brevity). After each new episode of Mad Men’s fifth season, the three of us plan to exchange a bunch of emails about … Continue reading

2011 Dream Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series


It’s that time again, folks. The Emmy nominations will be announced on July 14, which means I have almost an entire month to flood this space with hopes, dreams and predictions about what could happen come nomination time. To kick things off, I’ll be bringing back the Dream Emmy Ballot. It’s something I did last … Continue reading

TV Surveillance’s Best of 2010: Top 60 Episodes, 20-11


2010 has been a fantastic year for television. This year brought us a slew of great new programs and if we include the second halves of all the series that debuted in the fall of 2009 (which I am for these features), we have probably just experienced the best run of newbies since 2004. While … Continue reading

Season Finale — Mad Men, “Tomorrowland”


As someone who is coming to the Mad Men finale “Tomorrowland” criticism late, I feel as if there might not be a whole lot of value in me spewing thousands and thousands of words with my interpretations when there are so many great writers who have done an exceptional job since 11 p.m. last night. So … Continue reading

Mad Men, “Blowing Smoke”


Penultimate episodes often make things really, really bad for characters, creating a world where there looks to be no hope. Even in a series like Mad Men where characters are not necessarily in mortal danger and when things have already been unraveling at a consistent rate, “Blowing Smoke” has no problems making things just a little worse. … Continue reading