Cougar Town, “No Reason To Cry”


I know I said yesterday in my Southland review that I wasn’t really looking forward for television to return this soon in 2011, but I have to admit if there was one series that I absolutely missed over the holidays, it was Cougar Town. These people are just wonderful and I want to have as … Continue reading

Cougar Town, “The Same Old You”


I haven’t seen all of Cougar Town‘s first season, but one of the biggest concerns of this season has been finding the right balance between Jules, the forceful,, but ultimately helpful friend/person and Jules, the awful shrill who bullies everyone into doing whatever it is she wants. It’s been really hard for the series to … Continue reading

Cougar Town, “Little Girl Blues”


Cougar Town is basically a live-action cartoon, perhaps more so than any other comedy on television. There’s probably a nice debate to be had between this series and 30 Rock for which one is more cartoonish. And for the most part, that’s not really a bad thing. I think most people can agree that this … Continue reading

Cougar Town, “Fooled Again (I Don’t Like It)”


Last week’s episode felt like a turning point in the second season of Cougar Town. The first batch of episodes, while overwhelmingly fun, were sometimes clunky, scattered in interested in too many things at once to really get a good grip on what the season was going to be moving forward aside from people playing … Continue reading

Cougar Town, “Keeping Me Alive”


Because Cougar Town recalibrated in the middle of its first season, it’s in a weird position here early in season two. The writers seem interested in going back to certain stories from the early- to mid-part of the series as some weird way of going forward the character development, but by doing so, they’re overtly acknowledging … Continue reading

Modern Family, “Strangers on a Treadmill” and Cougar Town, “The Damage You’ve Done”


Having a deep ensemble of comedic performers is almost always a positive thing for any sitcom (or drama, for that matter). Obviously, putting together a cast full of humor-producers is better than relying on a few lead horses because it allows the series to rotate the focus on specific characters, concoct new pairings and develop … Continue reading

Modern Family, “Earthquake” and Cougar Town, “Makin’ Some Noise”


I’ve been tough on Modern Family this season, both on the blog and in discussions with friends and family. Though I liked last week’s episode, it still bothered me in some ways and the season premiere was particularly problematic and frustrating to watch. But this week, I’m going to try to be more positive because … Continue reading

Modern Family, “The Kiss” and Cougar Town, “Let Yourself Go”


Ed note: I’ve been away at the 2010 Flow Conference, so posts have been delayed. I’ll be catching up with a few of last week’s series in the first few days of this week. Just like my write ups on FOX’s Tuesday comedy block, I seem to enjoy writing about ABC’s Modern Family and Cougar … Continue reading

Season Premieres — Modern Family, “The Old Wagon” and Cougar Town, “All Mixed Up”


ABC’s two best comedies enter their second seasons with varying degrees of expectations. With all the critical hype and Emmy validation, Modern Family has been crowned as the new comedy king. Meanwhile, Cougar Town has grown in stature in the eyes of the critical community, but still isn’t seemingly as respected as its lead-in, particularly … Continue reading