The Office, “The Sting”

If The Office‘s writers wants to send Michael Scott off into the sunset and I believe that they do (this is American television, after all), they would be smart to not only give him an emotionally satisfying conclusion but also make sure that he finishes strong…intellectually? I guess that’s the word I’m looking for. By […]

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The Office, “Sex Ed”

Thus far this season, The Office has only briefly hinted at any departure for Michael (the spanking, the counseling) and chances are the only reason I think those moments are hinting at said departure is because we know he’s leaving. If we didn’t, those would probably seem like normal Michael behaviors. But I think it’s […]

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The Office, “Andy’s Play”

Though it has taken me a few extra days to get to writing up “Andy’s Play,” the episode has been in my mind ever since Thursday night, as it is certainly the best episode of this young season and probably the most enjoyable effort since “Niagara.” Yeah, I said it. The writers said before the […]

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