The Office, “Threat Level Midnight”


Inspired by the sprawling, multi-armed conversation about the state of television criticism (see here, here andhere, among other places), I’ve decided to take the next week or so to check in with the series that I watch every single week, but never actually write about. There’s been a lot of discussion about writing longer form pieces on … Continue reading

The Office, “Sex Ed”


Thus far this season, The Office has only briefly hinted at any departure for Michael (the spanking, the counseling) and chances are the only reason I think those moments are hinting at said departure is because we know he’s leaving. If we didn’t, those would probably seem like normal Michael behaviors. But I think it’s … Continue reading

Series Premiere — Outlaw, “Pilot”


Apologies for the hackneyed, bad-looking logo used for this post, but it’s all I could really find. But I guess that is fitting, since the people behind Outlaw used the same sort of logic.