Modern Family, “Chirp”

I’ve been hard on Modern Family all season, but when it is one of the most popular comedies on television, there needs to be some checks and balances to make sure that it isn’t being completely awful, stereotypical, racist or whatever. I’m not saying it’s only my job to do that, but I think my […]

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Modern Family, “Unplugged”

I’ve decided to write about the ABC comedies separately this week because I couldn’t find any gimmick or theme to shoe-horn them together. And that’s mostly because this week’s episode of Modern Family is definitely the worst episode of the season and probably one of the two or three worst in the series’ short run. […]

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Season Premieres — Modern Family, “The Old Wagon” and Cougar Town, “All Mixed Up”

ABC’s two best comedies enter their second seasons with varying degrees of expectations. With all the critical hype and Emmy validation, Modern Family has been crowned as the new comedy king. Meanwhile, Cougar Town has grown in stature in the eyes of the critical community, but still isn’t seemingly as respected as its lead-in, particularly […]

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