Mid-season finale review — Burn Notice, “Dead to Rights”


If you know me and you know this blog, chances are you’ve come across me discussing USA Network and its series before. At a certain point, I feel like my analysis and regularly frustrated view on how USA series like to use somewhat empty devices to keep moving the chains away from the lead characters … Continue reading

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Burn Notice, “Bloodlines”


After last week’s somewhat awkward premiere, Burn Notice made a more pronounced effort to get out of the middle ground between the CIA world and Miami and unsurprisingly chose Michael’s more local exploits over his possible future with the agency. Even though I’m still very intrigued by how the series is going to integrate Michael’s … Continue reading

Season Premiere — Burn Notice, “Company Man”


Season four of Burn Notice was not up to snuff but the last two episodes were very, very good. More importantly, after four years of moving the chains and delaying any resolution, the series finally pulled the trigger on bringing Michael in from the cold. Because of this (as I tweeted today), I’m very optimistic … Continue reading

Season Finale — Burn Notice, “Out of the Fire” and “Last Stand”


I haven’t checked in with Burn Notice since the summer break for a few reasons. One, Thursdays are ridiculously busy, both for television and my schedule in general. Secondly, I haven’t had much to say about Burn Notice. The summer episodes were generally dreadful (if you take a look at some of my reviews during … Continue reading

2010 Emmy Predictions: Supporting Actor and Actress in a Drama Series


In case you didn’t know (because I sure as heck didn’t until I saw something the latest Entertainment Weekly), the Primetime Emmy Awards air on Sunday, August 29 on NBC. In the glow of some great nominations and not too many ridiculous slights (I’m resigned to the fact that Sons of Anarchy won’t get its due), … Continue reading